Com-Pac Theater

If you want to see our Com-Pac sailboats in actions, we offer a selection of Com-Pac sailboat videos.

Com-Pac Sun Cat

Com-Pac Sun Cat Sailing

Sailing a Com-Pac Sun Cat in Charlotte Harbor, FL

SunCat Sailing

Com Pac Sun Cat 17

Com-Pac Sunday Cat

Com-Pac Sunday Cat

Com-Pac Horizon Cat

Com-Pac Horizon Cat Video

Com-Pac Picnic Cat

Sailing a Com-Pac Picnic Cat on Lemon Bay, FL

Where No Sailboat Has Gone Before

Com-Pac Legacy

Sailing the Com-Pac Legacy in Charlotte Harbor, FL

Com-Pac Legacy Video

Com-Pac Eclipse

Sailing a Com-Pac Eclipse with Spinnaker

Com-Pac 23

Com-Pac 23

40th Birthday Party!

Sailing out of Ponce Inlet off of Daytona Beach.

Com-Pac 27/3

Com-Pac 27 Video

Com-Pac 35

Com-Pac 35 Test Sail

Com-Pac 19 (No longer in production)

Sailing the Nockamixon

Sailing the Nockamixon from Adam C. Erickson on Vimeo.