Our Import/Export Policies

Com-Pac Yachts has several dealers in countries other than the United States. Laws and regulations concerning watercraft and trailers vary widely between different countries. The one and only source that can provide information and modifications to a Com-Pac Yacht to meet your country’s requirements is the authorized dealer in your country.

Our policy concerning Com-Pac Yachts being imported into a country where we have an authorized dealer is:

  1. Hutchins Co., Inc. will not honor new boat orders from a dealer of one country for the intent of export to another country where we have an authorized dealer.
  2. In order to maintain warranty and factory support for a new Com-Pac Yacht it is mandatory for customers to purchase through one of the authorized dealers in your country.

If you have any questions concerning this policy or would like information about dealers in your country please contact Hutchins Co., Inc.