Com-Pac Trailerable Cat Boats

Our cat-rigged Picnic Cat, Sun Cat and Horizon Cat are the perfect trailer-sailers for an afternoon cruise.

  • Com-Pac Picnic Cat
    This 14' daysailer is the answer to the trailer-sailor's lament: "I love sailing, but I hate setting up."
  • Com-Pac Sun Cat
    A roomy 17' daysailer and overnighter offering convenient trailering and the Mastendr™ mast-raising system
  • Com-Pac Sunday Cat
    The Sun Cat Daysailer with an enclosed porta potty area.
  • Com-Pac Horizon Cat
    The 20' Horizon Cat is a real Cape Cod cat — the classic boat for the traditional sailor
  • Com-Pac Horizon Day Cat
    The 20' Horizon Cat, reborn as a roomy daysailer