Mastender™ System

the Mastendr™ quick-rig sailing system that allows for the boom, sail, and gaff to be left installed on the boat while the mast is folded or raised. The shrouds stay attached and the head stay disconnects with the flip of the pre-adjusted forestay self-locking lever. This system, unique to Com-Pac, adds an ease and convenience to trailer sailing that is really astounding. Your mast is up and you are ready to go in seconds, not minutes.

Mastender™ Pictorial

Mastendr System Step 1 Mastendr System Step 1

Step 1

One person can lift the hinged mast from its rest position on the transom support, with the boat on the trailer or in the water. Side stays and halyards are already in position.

Mastendr System Step 2

Step 2

Insert the mast-hinge lock pin. The hinge has great strength. The stays provide all the support needed.

Mastendr System Step 3 Mastendr System Step 3

Step 3

Attach the forestay tang to the stemhead with the quick-clevis pin. Tension the rigging by simply pulling down on the forestay self-locking lever.